Seduction: 12min face smear ($8.99 ScatShop)

This movie starts out with myself looking all dolled up with my makeup and my hair done being very sensual and nice. I then proceed to piss in a plastic bowel facing the camera. Then I BEGIN TO SHIT TURDS IN THE BOWL producing a nice facial mask to smear on my face and chest. I stand up and and show you my creation then I mix my shit and pee together and BEGIN TO SMEAR IT ON MY FACE AND NECK AREA.. I show you up close the smearing the texture everything In HD it looks amazing nastyboy.after showing off my face mask I look very nasty and dominating and scary as you should be afraid of what I will do with you with my shit haha in a darker setting I sit down showing the complete opposite as I was in the beginning with this mask I have some turds left over SO I GET A TURD AND PUT IT IN MY MOUTH AND CHEW ON IT then I come code to the camera I GET VERY AGGRESSIVE AND DOMINATING and show a very clear picture of my face and how the face smear looks mmmm it’s so tasty why do you come close to that screen and lick it for me nastyboy submit to me & Purchase this fucking video 😉

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