DirtyDaisy – The pig and his sow in the bath vol. 4 ($8.99 ScatShop)

I start by doing a long hot piss on my partner standing on top of him and lying in the bath, it makes him hard. I suck him on my knees in front of him in the bath then we get out of the bath so he can penetrate my ass, putting my head in the toilet bowl and making me drink and spit water, lick the bowl. Then I suck him and he cums on my face

DirtyDaisy – The pig and his sow in the bath vol. 4

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xxoticass – dinner (€14.50 ScatBook)

You’ve been waiting for this moment for so long! I’m going to fill up this glass with my piss and this plate with my shit and you get drinking and eating it! Watch nice goopy piss and shit flow out of my pussy and asshole into your bowl. As I’m preparing your dinner, I make sure to fully humiliate and degrade you so that you feel like the lowliest being in existence as you watch your meal piling up. You love every little bit of my nasty, smelly shit. Eat it up. Finally, I pick up the plate and let you get a nice close up view of your dinner before you dig in. Be grateful and inhale the fragrance before it’s gone. Take it all in. Now eat, I said!

xxoticass – dinner

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KellyPink18 – Full crazy dirty video (€23.00 ScatBook)

What a big beautiful poop and smear it all over my body and chest and legs and belly, shit mask on my face, do pussy fisting, lick my fingers in shit, doggy style, pee while smearing on my ass, spit drool with shit, smear my legs and feet!

KellyPink18 – Full crazy dirty video

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Brownsensations – Diarrhea shits 2 ($24.99 ScatShop)

4 clips of having diarrhea shits in different ways. Some on the floor, with toys, smearing and all over the toilet, just making a mess. Which scene will make you explode?

Brownsensations – Diarrhea shits 2

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padronagaia: Mistress Gaia – Thirsty Ponyboy ($13.99 ScatShop)

I’m training my pony with long riding sessions. I want to improve his resistance and teach him to obey my commands. However, today, his performance is not so good, he seems slow and tired; I think he’s thirsty and low on minerals. But I have the right cure for him! I’m going to give him a drink that will contain all the minerals he needs: my pee!!! I take off the bit from his mouth and I replace it with another one that fits the purpose: a funnel that I fix around his head. Now I’m ready to release my precious nectar, that flows directly into his throat, so that he must drink everything. At a certain point he chokes but, nevertheless, he has to swallow everything, up to the last drop!!!


Sto addestrando il mio pony con lunghe cavalcate; voglio migliorare la sua resistenza ed insegnarli ad obbedire ai miei comandi. Tuttavia, oggi, la sua performance non e’ delle migliori, sembra stanco e reagisce con lentezza; penso che abbia sete ed debba reintegrare i minerali. Ma ho la cura giusta per lui! Gli daro’ una bevanda che contiene tutti i minerali di cui ha bisogno: la mia pipi!!! Gli tolgo il morso dalla bocca e lo sostituisco con un altro adatto allo scopo: un imbuto che provvedo a fissare attorno alla sua testa. Ora sono pronte a rilasciare il mio prezioso nettare che gli fluisce direttamente in gola, in modo che sia costretto a bere tutto. Ad un certo moment si strozza ma, cio’ nonostante, deve mandar giu’ tutto, fino all’ultima goccia!!!

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GingerCris – School Day Disaster ($20.99 ScatShop)

Filmed in 1080p/60fps. Another day of school and another disaster. And it was with my new school uniform! It starts out like every school day…making sure my makeup and hair are just perfect…I always want to make sure my teachers notice me! But just as I’m about to leave…I accidentally pissed in my pantyhose. Ok…let’s be honest…I WANTED to do it. The pantyhose were brand new and so silky…and I love the feeling of warm piss flowing down my legs. I think I might have ruined my new shoes too. For sure, I know I’m going to be late so I just decide to have a fun morning making a mess of myself in my school outfit. When you shit in your pantyhose…it’s so squishy and warm! You have to try it sometime. Me and the other girls at school talk about it all the time…totally normal girl-talk. Watch me paint my body, face and uniform with my warm shit. The only thing better than covering myself with shit is taking my shitty fingers and shoving them down my throat until my breakfast explodes from my stomach. Daddy always told me…if you are going to do something…do your best. And I know Daddy loves me messy. What can I say? I’m just a cute, innocent girl who loves to be filthy. Want to join me and have some fun?


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KellyPink18 – Craziness (€18.60 ScatBook)

Ayanna is back with her Naughtiest clip yet!! She is definitely out to be the The Funkiest of them all!! Enjoy as she decides to have more fun at work in three different clips!! In the first she has a case of diarrhea and tried to catch it in her cup. Lets just say she underestimated the EXPLOSION and it got all over the place!! All on the floor and her hands!! She really created a mess! If only they knew what she was doing on her bathroom breaks!! Her bubbleguts weren’t done as she comes in to take another gassy dump later on that night!. Then in the final clip enjoy a nice rearivew clip as she pees and drops some solids in the bowl. That sexy little redbone ass of hers was on fire in this clip!! Enjoy as she definitely had another case of Pizza Guts craziness!!

KellyPink18 – Craziness

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DirtyBetty – Dark Wave Scat Hobby ($23.99 ScatShop)

-[How are your observations of the object going?]
-{Everything as usual, creepy sounds, strange actions ..}
-[She’s rubbing her face again?]
-{Yes, apparently it’s her hobby or something like that. I can’t understand one thing, why does this creature create such delicious shit? It is incredibly huge, it emits a fantastic smell and you want to touch it with your tongue!}
-[Hay, you urgently need fresh air .. (pfff .. tongue)]
-{Fresh air? You know perfectly well that we are at a depth of 500 meters, and there is no way out of here, if not for our equipment we would not have stretched here for 5 minutes !!!}
-[Yes, but this does not prevent you from standing again with your pants down and staring at the object of observation!]
-{But at least I don’t take off my gas mask to inhale her demonic fart …}
-[Hey, how did you know?]

DirtyBetty – Dark Wave Scat Hobby

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Appletinyteeny – My first time wearing little lion diapers ? ($10.99 ScatShop)

Video costum in lingua italiana. Prima parte: sei a casa appena sveglia e ti stai vestendo. Oggi indosserai uno dei tuoi diaper più grossi e ci cagherai e piscerai dentro fino a riempirlo di merda e piscio. Lo voglio vedere veramente colmo. Poi indosserai dei leggings aderenti, un maglione ed uscirai di casa diretta ad un negozio di abbigliamento. Seconda parte: al negozio di abbigliamento girerai un pochettino sempre parlando di come ti senti con il pannolone sporco addosso. Cercherai una commessa perchè voglio che le dici che vuoi un paio di pantaloni da provare. Alla commessa dirai anche che indossi un pannolone e che è pieno di merda. Voglio sentire i dialoghi. In camerino ti cambi, ti spogli mi mostri il tuo pannolone sporco e ti fai vedere nuovamente dalla commessa. Terza parte: a casa di nuovo ti spogli e mi fai vedere bene quanto quel pannolone è sporco. Più merda c’è meglio è! Mi dici che mi manderai questo pannolone e che dovrò indossarlo e fare la stessa cosa che hai fatto tu ma con la tua merda! Dici di riuscire a fare un video così estremo ed imbarazzante? – – – Video costum in Italian. First part: you’re home as soon as you wake up and you’re getting dressed. Today you will wear one of your biggest diapers and you will shit and piss in it to fill it with shit and piss. I want to see it really full. Then you will wear tight leggings, a sweater and leave home and you go in a clothing store. Second part: at the clothing store you will turn a little bit always talking about how you feel with the dirty diaper on you. You will look for a assistance job because you want to tell her you want a pair of pants to try. You will also say to the clerk that you are wearing a diaper and that it is full of shit. I want to hear the dialogues. In the dressing room you change, you strip you show me your dirty diaper. Third part: at home again you undress and you show me well how dirty that diaper is. More shit is better! You tell me you will send me this diaper and that I will have to wear it and do the same thing you did but with your shit! Do you say you can make such an extreme and embarrassing video?

Appletinyteeny – My first time wearing little lion diapers

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