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Smell of shit in the morning starring in video Brownsensations (Release date: May 14, 2021) ($29.99 ScatShop)

Swallowing his dick and taking a big shit in a bowl. He fucks my dirty ass while I’m sniffing the load of shit in the bowl the whole time. I shit more on his dick while I’m being fucked then he smears my ass as he cums

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Public anal quickie turned shitty starring in video Brownsensations ($34.99 ScatShop)

Running Saturday morning errands and got horny for some dick in my ass. I told him to pull over so i can get what I’ve been craving all morning. We pull over to get out the car for some fun. As he is fucking in my ass, my morning coffee starts to make my stomach bubble. I try to hold it in but it’s starts to slip out my ass from being opened up. Shortly after i lose all control in holding it in and starts shitting on his dick outside as cars drive by. I thought it would be a little bit but no this was a lot of shit spewing out my ass but of course i wasn’t going to stop

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A Dirty Ride starring in video Brownsensations ($34.99 ScatShop)

Feeling a little constipated, but instead of using a laxative i used his dick. While bouncing my big ass up and down on his shaft i felt him opening my tight hole wider. A couple of minutes into it and his dick kept pushing again my poo i felt i can release what has been hurting me. My shit pushes his dick out after he tried to keep it in, he spread my ass while i took a shit and piss on him. The relief was so pleasing to me for his reward i let him slide his dick right back into my dirty ass and rode him until he couldn’t hold back his cum.

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Filthy Anal starring in video Brownsensations ($34.99 ScatShop)

First time shitting during anal and i must say it done had to feel good because he couldn’t last to long in my dirty ass. He told me it felt so good when the pressure from me pushing and the warmth of my shit lube all over his dick. After stroking my dirty ass he pulled out to jerk off with my shit that was covering his dick. As he’s cumming so hard i started to shoot shit out my ass at the same time. It was a fun experience that i hope you guys enjoy watching.

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Masturbating with my shit starring in video Brownsensations ($19.99 ScatShop)

I start off with oiling up this nice natural big ass and shake it for you some. As I’m shaking my ass a nice creamy pile of shit comes out at the same time. Now the problem is I’m horny with no one to play with so i rub my hands in my big pile of shit and rub all over my pussy. Something i never did before but it mmmm it feels so good.

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