Lesbian Cow Dung Martyrdom Ultra HD (€19.99 ManureFetish/Scatbook)

Lesbian Cow Dung Martyrdom

After Di and Milena had lured their Girlfriend Mary Craft into the barn, they convicned the to have some very messy fun together.

It amuses and excites both of them to see how Mary Craft gets the bucket of dung poured over her head right at the beginning.

Milena can hardly wait and pushes Mary Craft to the ground in order to directly sit on the face of Mary Craft smeared with dung and have her pussy licked.

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Then Di and Milena play with each other and let their slave lick, finger and smear them also. Mary Craft is forced to lick the cow dung-smeared assholes of her tormentors clean.

It develops into a lesbian threesome with a huge amount of cow dung as a basis, wet cunts and a number of orgasms.
Video Length: 69 Minutes
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