SCP 23 9 “Watermelon Head” starring in video DirtyBetty ($23.99 ScatShop)

My new absolutely strange performance, dirty games with a glass of morning golden urine and watermelon!
– *Watermelon?*
– “Yes!”
– *Are you really going to make a new atmospheric scat/copro clip using a watermelon?*
– “Does THIS seem strange to you?”
“Then we’ll see what you say when I smear my warm, fresh and fragrant shit over this green friend!”
– *It seems I understood everything, I have no more questions!*
– “Wait, I have not yet talked about a glass with my urine!”
– “Are you still here?”
– “probably it was necessary to start with something like this:
A cute bitch fingers her dirty hole, getting dirty in her own fragrant shit, smearing it in her sweet ass, face and mouth, of course!
She also tastes her incredible morning urine, and creating a cocktail from her astringent urine, a fresh pile of female shit and her sweet saliva!
-*You will also have excellent quality, a unique atmosphere and authorial experimental music from your team*
-“yeah, I forget about it”
– “Is it really better?”
– *Definitely!*
– “I knew it!”

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