Gift Box Instructions starring in video GingerCris ($24.99 ScatShop)

Filmed in glorious 1080p @ 60fps for your jerking pleasure! So you finally gathered enough courage to order some of my delicious goodies. You’ve ordered a surprise gift box with some yummy butt-fudge, a bottle of my hot, piss nectar, and a fruit smoothie that’s been especially prepared in my stomach. But you ask yourself…what am I supposed to do with all these delicious treats? This is your instructional video! Watch me show you exactly what to do with my special treats as I give you JOI using my vomit and lube. Learn how to consume my stomach smoothie and piss like a good slave. Learn how to make yourself more beautiful by painting yourself with my shit and eating it like candy. Be sure to follow all the instructions so you can make that cock explode for me!

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