softservequeen – Plump ass pumps out 2 loads! ($12.99 ScatShop)

Desperation, a full bag of piss, 2 large loads, juicy pussy, skid mark panties, surprise after shits?!? Absolutely wow…

So I just came back from an early morning with my toilet slave where I underperformed… I come home and have to shit my pants IMMEDIATELY!

I run into my bathroom, grab the quickest thing I can find (AKA trash bag) and have my way. Pull the panties to the side and we see pieces of poo already out and clung to my hot, desperate asshole. I need to go. I piss for an eternity into the bag before I take my shit. But I have to show you the entire thing… edging my way closer to a perfect release…

I start riding up and down. I feel the sex. I am riding you hard and my shit comes out so smoothly… but thats not the end. Another one is waiting and I can feel it. I need it out. Get it out. Here it comes. Another one of the SAME MAGNIFICENT SIZE emerges from my plump ass and lands artistically on top of the other. All natural and athletic. The perfect performance for you… but oops I didn’t notice my aim… now I’m nervous about cleaning up.

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I sit on the toilet studying my sweet load when I get another feeling that more is coming! Not much, but quite the surprise for all of us indeed. It’s been quite a morning and I think my asshole is relieved it’s finally over… for now!

softservequeen – Plump ass pumps out 2 loads!

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