PooGirlSofia – Poop in the mirror ($15.99 ScatShop)

I mess the bathroom floor. I squeeze my poop in the mirror so you can see the nice big shape of it and it’s very detailed 😉 My poo feels like it’s stuck so it takes a while to come out 😉 All the more view for you though!! 🤩 It feels so good after being so constipated. See close up’s of my shit and I show you a VERY close shot of my shit stretching my tight lil ass hole. As I play with myself in the mirror as I poop, see my hot mess COMING OUT, one mess by one, with a few airy farts too. I got so wet from this 😉 I accidently pee myself which goes over my mess so the floor is one big stinker!

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