Ninounini – YOGURT CAKE : Ninounini’s best recipes ! (€12.75 ScatBook)

After my cookie recipe, and my pancake recipe!

What could be simpler than a yogurt cake?

And yet, we are going to make it more complex and add flavor by adding my secret ingredients… My champagne and my caviar! 🍾💩

I’m certainly the naughtiest cook since I can’t help but spread yoghurt on my breasts and ass, the better to be able to dildo my pussy and ass and fist my anus. 🤤

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I also take this opportunity to put yogurt on my feet and make you lick them, and lick them in turn…🦶

Finally, I finish by inserting the whip that I used to stir the dough in the anus… What a delight! 🤤

I put the cake in the oven, then taste it with you… A marvel! 🍰🍾💩

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