KellyPink18 – Craziness (€18.60 ScatBook)

Ayanna is back with her Naughtiest clip yet!! She is definitely out to be the The Funkiest of them all!! Enjoy as she decides to have more fun at work in three different clips!! In the first she has a case of diarrhea and tried to catch it in her cup. Lets just say she underestimated the EXPLOSION and it got all over the place!! All on the floor and her hands!! She really created a mess! If only they knew what she was doing on her bathroom breaks!! Her bubbleguts weren’t done as she comes in to take another gassy dump later on that night!. Then in the final clip enjoy a nice rearivew clip as she pees and drops some solids in the bowl. That sexy little redbone ass of hers was on fire in this clip!! Enjoy as she definitely had another case of Pizza Guts craziness!!

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KellyPink18 – Craziness

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