Brownsensations – Unloading in open mouth and pants ($39.99 ScatShop)

Having regular conversation with my husband and he expressed how i haven’t shit in his mouth in awhile. Didn’t want to deprive him of that, so i made some time where i can give him a mouth full. Coming off my constipation and getting back regular using my detox tea to help in that matter, i was able to push out a nice size turd. As he lay back i fill his mouth just as he wanted. Later on that evening i was just getting back home from running errands and my stomach started cramping. I didn’t have time to think of content to make, i yelled upstairs from the kitchen telling him my stomach is really hurting and i don’t know if i can hold it for 1min. He runs to the kitchen with his phone and completely blew out my panties and leggings, the biggest load this year so far. He starts to pulled down my pants to check out the damage I’ve done, it was A LOT. I heard him whisper under his breath “mmm this is a lot and it smells good”. He pulls down my panties and shove his hard dick in my ass, fucking me until i started shitting more but on his dick this time. After he cums all over my dirty ass, i spread my ass to let the rest of my shit out(so i thought it was) on the floor. Right in the middle of cleaning up the mess we made in the kitchen my stomach starts hurting again, so i grabbed the trash bag and blew out a gassy load right in it “damn it felt so good”.

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Brownsensations – Unloading in open mouth and pants

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