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Andreea and girlfriend electro sybian and pooping starring in video GoddessAndreea ($20.99 ScatShop)

Today Mistress Andreea wanted to play with her slaves and use them in a new way: electro play and sybian. She put Mister Faith first into sybian and used anal vibrations. Then she turned on the electro and ordered him to masturbate while he was aroused by her gorgeous shapes. JOI, pantyhose domination, high heels teasing, nails on body, sniffing … are just a few. In the second part of the clip, her girlfriend pooping on the floor then she smearing her shit on her and taste it. Perfect depraved romanian lady !

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Mistress Anita scat in my whore mouth starring in video GoddessAndreea ($10.99 ScatShop)

Today I went to a hotel with my personal toilet and announced him that he would have a huge diarrhea as lunch. I made him lie down on the floor under my fantastic ass and I put on a pair of latex gloves to relax and be able to give him everything I had in my anus. I humiliated him and obliged him to swallow and eat all my diarrhea and so I promised him that I would let him stroke his penis and ejaculate. He was a good slave and he followed my orders exactly and for that he ejaculated a huge amount of cum. I love to always have a human toilet for my daily needs. I am waiting to be contacted through messages here on site by potential toilet slaves who can afford to pay for a custom clip with me. Anita never disappear, keep in mind that !

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Duration: 11 Min
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Scat dommes and cock sucking whore girl starring in video GoddessAndreea

A kinky clip with a nimphomaniac girl who goes with her male friends to a sexshop and she sock and fuck any cock appeared. A perfect gloryhole threesome. In the second part, romanian scat Goddess loves to feed her human toilet and she obliges him to drink her piss and eat her stinky kaviar. At the end, her girlfriend pooped in her panties for her fans.

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Kytana Gyulia and friend strapon and diarrhea starring in video GoddessAndreea

In this last clip from the series with Kytana and Gyulia, Mistress Kytana and Gyulia humiliated their slave and fucked him twice with their huge strapons in his ass. They changed various positions and destroyed his mouth and ass at the same time. In the end, they sent him to their friend to humiliate him and make a CEI at the end. Then she made diarrhea in his mouth and made him swallow.

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Goddess Margo – full scat feeding with chocking starring in video GoddessAndreea

Today my good friend, Scat Goddess Margo wanted to make a special gift for our human toilet. For his birthday, she gave her shit as a gift, deep into his throat. For this she first tied him to his hands so as not to oppose the gift offered and then she made a huge piece of shit that she obliged the slave to eat everything, piece by piece. Meanwhile, the mistress spread all the shit on his body, face and penis and began to masturbate him with her shit. An EPIC clip for fans of the coerced eating genre.

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Faith and hotwife dirty scat anal fucking starring in video GoddessAndreea (Release date: Apr 21, 2021)

Another EPIC clip with a kinky and perverted wife. At first She sucked my cock while I was licking her vagina and then we fucked without a condom, as usually. After she had about 2 orgasms, we also started the perverted lures. She told me that she was pooping and that she quickly needed an open mouth to pour her shit into. I put my mouth to her bottom and waited for her to fill to the brim. She made a huge poop and we started to fuck so dirty, with my big cock in her dirty asshole. Then I smeared shit on her catsuit and fucked her ass again. In the end we went to the bathroom and continued playing there while we washed. She sucked my cock and I fucked her again. She is the most perverted wife who loves to be filmed by her husband while she becomes a depraved whore.

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