TinaAmazon – Brown skirt set with 2 loads (€12.99 YezziClips)

This is a story about two friends who live together. Usually, they like each other very much, but nowadays they are upset with each other. They start by sitting on the couch. One girl is reading a magazine, the other is reading a book or something. They are fully clothed. Scarlet wears a nice shirt, shoes, a skirt and panties underneath. Sarah wears white yoga shorts, a shirt, shoes and cute panties that can be seen through the thin white material of her shorts.

Scarlet decides that she will open her legs and fart herself. He hopes to annoy Sarah even more. But Sarah ignores this completely and pretends nothing happened. Sarah then decides to even the score. He lifts one leg and throws himself a larger fart. Scarlet pretends not to notice. Scarlet continues to focus on her reading as if nothing had happened. The two girls take turns farting, but they completely ignore each other. They will not give each other the satisfaction of showing that they have become even more angry.

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