Take And Taste My Shit – Poopy Green Thong ($13.99 ScatShop)

I wear a nice and green lacey thong on. My ass irresistible in them. I start with long tease and sexy talk. I ask you to worship me all over and all day long. I want you to repeat my monologue. “I love MissAnja” I love MissAnja’s ass” I put my ass to your face to smell it. Are you good boy? Yes you are cause you obey me and listening to me nice and well. But at the same time dirty and naughty boy as well. I’m in doggy in my fave pose to let you worship me. I do some pussy farts rear view. Do you wanna be my slave, my dirty slave? I need to know why do you love me. I insert a pink glass plug in ass make it dirty with shit, pulling out and push it in to. Juicy stinky asshole for my slave. Asking you about “Do you wanna taste me?” And your answer “Yes I want it” You’re y slave and slaves doesn’t saying NO at all. Do you want me to give my shit right? Good boy. I tempting you awhile with dirty talk, dirty ass and plug play then release my nasty poo for you. Take and taste it. This is your job right now. Nice pile of shit I push out only for you. After poo I get back to anal play ask you to stick your mouth on my hole and clean it and surprise you with some stinky wet farts straight to your mouth. Sound good for sure. If you do worship me as I expect it you always gonna get your reward like pretty dirty asshole, lots of dirty talk, nice pile of shit, anal play and you allowed to taste my shit. Keep it in your mind Have fun

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