Mistress – Cleansing Kat’s ass an enema, anal lawlessness ($29.99 ScatShop)

Kat’s anal virginity didn’t last long. As soon as I found out that she had never fucked in the ass, I immediately wanted to develop and stretch her anal more. Step by step, and I succeeded, I began teach her wash ass, put an enema before fucking in the ass. She did not immediately understand and began do everything correctly, but in the end, she began like both, enema and anal lawlessness
1. Training slavegirl put an enema, fucking ass
Teaching her teaching put an enema, and she still has dirty ass, with shit. Bend down, now I’ll fill you with water and you’ll shit in the basin in front of me, clean your ass until it’s clean. See what stream of brown with lumps of shit, insert in ass hose, rinse again. If you do not wash your ass well, you will lick Master’s cock clean after he fucking you in the ass.
Here’s how Master fucks slave girl in the ass. He pulls out cock an shoves it in. It is necessary fuck her right out of ass in her mouth. Fuck her well, cum in the ass, let she lick the cock, from sperm with taste of her dirty ass
2. Cleansing of Kat from shit, ass fucking
For ass develop and fucking, my slave girl needs to have clean ass. First, let her completely shitting all the shit from her ass. She has such a beautiful bulging ass when she pushes sphincter turns out, as if it beckons slave cling to her ass and it opens right into his mouth giving out shit. The next step, plentiful reusable enema, to completely cleanse the ass of shit. Not developed point is very small and extra shit in the ass can cause not very good feelings, and I want my slave girl love to fucking in the ass and passionately substitute it for live dick and strap-on. Well, water is finally clean, we can start fucking her. My slave’s cock first gently enters her narrow ass, then the movements become faster and more intense. Kat moans from the pleasant, gentle pain, she already likes fucking in the ass more and more with each friction. Yeah, I’ll make from her loving fuck bitch

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