Miss Medea – Beginner gets used as Workout Slave and Full Toilet ($28.99 ScatShop)

My Scat Virgin arrives way too early to my place. I am still practicing my yoga & I don´t intend just to stop for him, so I tell him to undress, while I continue my acrobatic exercise. As soon as he is naked, I tell him to lie below me, while I continue my workout. His face will be confronted with my sweaty toes and ass in yogapants. Admire my strength and flexibility in different exercise positions. You will wish to be in the place of my young slave. You will have to see for yourself how I integrate my newbie creatively into my exercise routine 😉

After this nice exercise, my slave now has to lick the sweat of my toes and my armpits. I take my time and enjoy his devoted cleansing.

Now it is getting more serious. He will learn to be below my ass. While I facesit my slave in my yogapants, I tell him about the toilet training he will soon undergo. I make sure that my scat virgin is getting horny through my dirty talk, while I rub my ass all over his face. Then I undress and tell my slave to lick my asshole, while I edge his horny toilet dick. I tell him that he is only allowed to orgasm, after he kept my shit for at least 3 minutes in his mouth…

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Then it is finally time to deflorate this toilet virgin! I pee directly in his mouth and make him drink my sweet nectar. Then I sit on his mouth with my butt and tell him to seal his lips around my asshole. Now we will find out, if my slave newbie is a real toilet or not.
Will my young scat virgin be able to keep my shit in his mouth for 3 minutes? Will he cum while tasting my poop? Will he be able to swallow some of my divine chocolate? And finally: Will he become the shit worshipper I want him to become?


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