MakeKatPurrrr – Shitting For You Vol. 21 ($35.99 ScatShop)

Nice and freshly shaved all pretty for you. Kat’s asshole opens up nice and wide immediately as she bends down. Her pussy is nice and wet for you too. Spreading her ass open its gapes super wide for you and you can see her shit just waiting to come out. You just love Kats daily shit and hearing about them too. Teasing you with her ass and grounding her shit while telling you what she had to eat the day before. Sitting down to spread her cheeks and shit a nice load for you. Testing her temperature and then opening her asshole nice and wide with her fingers. Pushing out more shit and prolapsing her asshole Kat can tell there’s more shit inside that needs to come out. Showing off her shit and dropping it in the toilet to flush. showing off her streaks and her dirty asshole in the end.

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