lauracoliin – Naughty Dirty Cop ($14.99 YezzClips)

With no work for this day, this sweetheart finds herself all alone at home with nothing to do! At first, she is able to cope up with the boredom, but things later became too unbearable! As a result, she starts getting naughty and dirty with herself in her effort to keep herself occupied! What she does first is take off her lower garments and give herself an enema! She makes sure to fill her asshole completely with the solution to release a massive load! After which, she wears a pair of panties and then defecates! When she could no longer release anymore, she takes off her underwear and spreads her poop all over in front of her! Though, her asshole isn’t finished just yet, so, she later adds to the mess by releasing additional poop before playing with them to her heart’s content!

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lauracoliin – Naughty Dirty Cop

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