JanineExtreme – Dinner for Three (€12.58 ScatBook)

Scat Session 57 – Dinner for three

I won the auction for a mix of shit of Sophia Sprinkles and Lucy Puddles. Their one pound of shit and decided to serve myself a very special dinner. I put the shit into a pot to reheat it, decorate a very wonderful table and finally sit down to enjoy this amazing load of filthyness. I put the shit on my plate, take a deep sniff. So very Special this shit if those two. I try the taste of this two amazing ladies for the first time….and what for! So yummy!! But then I realise there is something missing for the perfect dinner. I turn over and fill a bottle of glass with half a litre of my own pee, pour it into my glass and take a sip. I continue eating but then some of shit falls out of my mouth on my cleavage. The texture! The feeling! I can‘t resist smearing my boobies. I take my clothes off and smear my whole body completely. What was a very festive clean eating scenario now turns out into a whole filthy mess. I crawl on the table smearing my body completely. I feel the urge to shit as well and poop on the plate. Taking it into my mouth, chewing swallowing. I start pleasing my ass and my pussy with my dildo out of glass, lick my shit off and eat it as well. The scenario just gets hotter and hotter. I even start playing with my pee, pouring it over me.

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Finally I can‘t stand it any longer: I lay down on my back and masturbate to orgasm. Loud and intense.


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