GingerCris – Creamy Fudge Factory ($24.99 ScatShop)

Sometimes you have a plan in your head…of how a particular show, film or private is going to go…and then…despite your plans…it goes off-script! Sometimes it’s a disaster and sometimes it’s AMAZING. I think you guys are going to love this video. This show starts with a bit of gape training…eventually I’d like to be able to really gape my ass and easily take some of my larger dildos. As luck would have it…right after I started stretching my ass…3 days worth of creamy fudge pours out of my ass. Like am obedient little scat slave, I painted my body and licked it from my hand and shitty socks. Here is where things went off-script…I switched roles with my master and encouraged him to shit for me and jerk his cock. I know some of you want me to do the same with you. He was a good boy and gave me his yummy shit and sticky cum. Do you want to come play some fun shit games with me?

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