Fetidistrojp – Anal Probe Shit Smearing! ($20.99 ScatShop)

Being the last person to leave, this woman cleans the theatre but while doing so, she is approached by three masked people! She is in theatre so she is used to do sight and lets it pass, but that is the wrong thing to do! They are there to torment her and her disregard of them only makes it easy for the culprits to grab and restrain her, rendering her completely defenseless! Without further ado, they secure their victim to a steel scaffold, putting the woman in a vulnerable position! They then begin rubbing her thighs and crotch while slowly stripping off her clothes! Eventually, the victim’s tits and pussy are out and the culprits are taking their time grabbing her breasts while rubbing a vibrator all over her body, especially on her clit! The masterminds take their time but as soon as they reach all new heights of arousal, they proceed with something more interesting! They insert an anal probe into the victim’s asshole, leaving her with no choice but to scream at the top of her lungs! The device is thrusted even deeper with every passing second and there is nothing she can do about it! Eventually, it is pulled out and came with it are feces, lots of them! That is the goal of the anal probe! The victim’s poop is then filled in a plastic bag which is then fitted over her head, dousing and smothering her with her own feces! She struggles to breathe and as she desperately grasps for air, she ends up swallowing mouthfuls of her filth!

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