Casey Collins – LOCKED OUT! ($11.99 ScatShop)

Oh no! I got locked out of my bathroom again! I accidentally locked the door and I don’t have the key! Now I’m stuck out of my bathroom and I need to poop! I need to poop so bad! I can feel my belly rumbling and grumbling! I keep cramping and feeling my belly groan! Oh no! I’ve got diarrhea so bad! I’ve got a ton of nasty, wet, runny diarrhea in my butt that needs to come out now! But I can’t get into my bathroom! What do I do!? I’m going to have to poop right here on the floor! I can’t hold it back any more! Help!

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My asshole is opening up and a massive explosion of poop is bursting out of my butt! It just keeps coming! Oh yuck! It’s splattering all over the floor! Ewww! It stinks so bad! Now What do I do?

Casey Collins – LOCKED OUT

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