[PG-27] Yapoos’ Market Project Pure Gold (Blu-ray remux 1080p/60fps)

Fundamental Human Rights 〜 畜人有害無益 〜 chapter.02
Fundamental Human Rights ~ Animals Are Harmful and Useless ~ Chapter 2

大塚麻美 (Asami Otsuka): Sadistin is the highest ranking member of the female worship society and a member of the former nobility. She uses her gentle smile and gentle voice to stop the male from letting his guard down…
ななこ (Nanako): Executive. She is a cruel angel who hunts dung bulls in the entertainment area as a butterfly of the night. She is a death-trained heroine who is good at violence…
麻宮心音 (Asamiya shin’on): Executive. While working at Nanako’s shop, she is attracted to perverted sexual desires that flock to dating sites. She traps the possessed bastards.
久我かのん (Kuga Kanon): Executive. She pretends to be a prostitute and makes the shitty customers who appear every night sink into hell. A psycho killer who gathers bulls with eros as his honey.
中邑さつき (Satsuki Nakamura): A girl who fights in an unreasonable world ruled by bullshit. She happened to find this organization on the internet and visited it and became a comrade of hers. She studies under Asami and grows…

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Description: (Google translated)
Spider thread glitters in the night… A beast’s face is caught between the crotch of the queen’s dress. Sweet honey and gold were waiting for her in the trap set by a perverted man who approached her with a lewd heart. “If you like women, you should be the one. There’s no use for a dirty penis.” Burning, holy water, mob lynching… It’s too late to regret that it wasn’t supposed to happen.A beast dressed as a woman and crying out for anal rape. It is truly harmful and useless.

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