Yourfantasy6190 Pizza and corn pooping ($59.99 ScatShop)

1. Scene has me sitting in my chair eating a pizza and corn on the cob. I comment to you how good it is, and how I’ll shit it out in a few days for you. After eating my fill, I put the box down on the coffee table and tell the camera that I hope this pizza and corn will be as good coming out as it was going in.
Next scene has me in the living room totally nude, holding the pizza box. I tell the camera that I really have to take a shit, and will shit the pizza and corn I ate out into the box it came in. I straddle the pizza box facing away from the camera and squat down over it and spread my asscheeks apart with my hands, showing you my dilating asshole. I push the tip of my log out a bit, then let it go back in and comment on how I feel this will be a big load. I then say that I am gonna squeeze them out, and grunting hard, squeezes my shit out of my asshole to let it fall onto the pizza box. I comment on what it feels like while it’s coming out, and afterwards, wipe and stands up and take the camera and zooms in on my pile in the pizza box, commenting on how good it was coming out of my asshole. I point out the corn chunks that are embedded in my shit as well.

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Length: 10:12s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mov
File Size: 1 GB

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