Blond Blaster Clean Mommy’s shithole ($7.99 FemScat)

So you want to be like all the other fart slaves that get to become toilet slaves? Are you sure you’re ready to take the same path ass sniffer? Maybe I should show you what I do to real fart slaves! To be the best fart slave I’m gonna have to digest you. Yup you need to really experience living in my dark and dirty asshole. The only way to my gassy ass in down my throat and then you can swim down my colon and finally take a breather in my ass. Inhale all those rotten fumes and when its time to finally get rid of you I’ll turn you into a toilet slave, if you survived being digested.

Special For You:  Mistress Kat gotcha caught on my strapon and I fuck her as I want ($21.99 ScatShop)


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