AliceTop: I made an elephant pile! ($12.99 ScatBook)

Guys, you need to see this!
I made an elephant pile! I swear!
Ok first things first. A couple of days ago, I had a strong urge to poop. I was surprised because I’ve pooped 1 day before. I usually don’t want to poop so soon.
I started in a hurry because the poop was on the doorstep of my anal ring waiting for it to see the light lol. I even forgot to take my glasses off so sorry I looked like a geek 😀
I put the camera really close so in this video you can see in detail how my butt does the load.
At the end I weighed my pile of poo. I think that’s my record lol.
The second video I also made very close up. My poo was creamy and came out of me with ease.

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