QuinnBrooks – Stuck On My Ass ($10.99 ScatShop)

I am so ready to have sex with my hot boyfriend. Already nakes waiting for him to put his big cock inside of me. I cannot wait until he starts to fuck me. Of course my ass has a different plan. As soon as he gets close I let out one loud ass fart. He immediately freaks out because it is super loud and super smelly. I can even smell it from where I am. He tells me there is no way he is going to fuck me now. I take his head and I shove it right into my ass. I blast him over and over. Each one louder and smellier than the last one. I love making him smell my perfect ass as I fart over and over right in his face. He begs me to stop but you think I do? NO lol.

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QuinnBrooks – Stuck On My Ass

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