Divina Giorgia – I poop in the face of my toilet slave [236 Mb] HD-720p

Mistress Giorgia is now in the final stages of training the toilet slave to have at her disposal a complete toilet …
Today the lucky slave is made to lie down under the fantastic wc chair by Mistress Giorgia.
The Mistress today is more sadistic than usual and wants his toilet ready: orders the toilet to open the mouth, the slave immediately executes the order and the Mistress immediately begins a plentiful piss straight into the mouth of the toilet. The slave quickly swallows all the precious nectar of the Mistress …
Then Mistress Giorgia sits down with her feet on the slave’s belly, she enjoys a lot looking through the hole the toilet that is ready under her.
The Mistress begins to push and soon two piece of shit are deposited on the face and mouth of the slave who struggles to breathe with Mistress’s shit in the face.
Now Mistress Giorgia is satisfied! She gets up and looks pleased at her toilet that has the order to remain there indefinitely with the precious shit of Mistress on the face.

Starring: Divina Giorgia
Genres: Scat, Domination, Femdom, Indoors, 720p
True Release Date and Year: unknown


Divina Giorgia – I crush you the shit in your face [308 Mb] HD-720p

The slave’s path continues to become a complete toilet slave…
The Divine Mistress Giorgia today is going to have a lot of fun with your toilet slave
The slave is sitting on the ground and the Divine Mistress starts first to trample his cock. A hard and painful trampling to punish the slave being punished, you in fact show hee toilet slave that today is not worthy to receive her chocolate.
The slave is made to put his face on the ground in front of His Divine Queen, which begins an abundant crap. The Mistress’s shit is all there on the ground but the Mistress has no mercy and takes the slave’s head and puts her face in the middle.
The totally humiliated slave is speechless and can not but lower himself to the absolute superiority of Mistress Giorgia

Starring: Divina Giorgia
Genres: Scat, Domination, Femdom,Indoors, 720p
True Release Date and Year: unknown