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ChocolateLover – SPH, Fucking Machine, Dirty Scat 01.03.2020

Title: ChocolateLover – SPH, Fucking Machine, Dirty Scat
Cast: ChocolateLover
Genre: Scat, Facesitting, Big shit, Domination, Eat shit, Smearing
Duration: 00:17:05

I know how you are craving to touch My Royal pussy lips with your tongue and I know how you are dreaming of licking My Sanctum and ass clad in this gorgeous leather pants! I love to see you like this: a desperate and horny puppet, ready to please Me , to worship Me! So, I made up My mind: I’ll torment your cock and your mind by teasing you with my perfect ASS and PUSSY LIPS in a sensual camel toe. I’ll make you desperate to lick my SUPREME LIPS, but in the end you’ll just lick the pussy lips of a male masturbator toy hidden as a bottle of beer. Then I’ll make your cock hard and order you to fuck it. But you’re such a loser that you can’t keep your buddy hard to fuck anything, not even the male masturbator. What about a real pussy? You’ll never get to fuck Me or lick My Pussy, because My Pussy is SUPREME and the most real thing you’ll get is your hand on your cock, with my addictive image in your mind! In the second part of the clip, I’m a harsh Domme who releases her wastes in the mouth of the worker boy who didn’t do his job well and fools him that this is food and I feed him with my pink gloves. I’m dressed like a Barbie Doll with satin purple corset, crystal necklace and glamorous make up. I have a big smile on my face while I feed him with my pink glove and smear my SUPREME KAVIAR on his face, telling him that this is a beauty expensive procedure…

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