PaulieMaxx – New black jumpsuit ($25.99 ScatShop)

An exciting roleplay with your mother who is passionate about diaper – Your mum has just finished her daily workout and is dressed in a very tight black jumpsuit and a bra that highlights her beautiful shapes. She speaks to you gently, but you do not want to take the usual bath today. So, in order to make you want, she wet her breasts with water and then start to caress your feet and legs … you are ready now? She takes off everything and remains in her panties wearing a nice diaper under those white panties … takes a bubble bath and always talking to you masturbates until you come in a fantastic squirting fountain! And then … mmm … she shows you his blood-stained diaper licking it all and penetrating like it’s your cock!

PaulieMaxx – New black jumpsuit

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