KatherineFarts – Accidental shit eating ($10.91 YezzClips)

My slave is going to taste my shit for the first time, did he like it?

You can’t miss it this one 🤭

A 17-minutes long video of true desperation and torture through my nasty sharts and liquid poop



Katherine is really excited about this one. It’s the first time she shitted on her slave’s mouth

She told him that she was only farting on his face with some sharts. However, she knew she wanted him

to eat her poop so she ate a big bowl of broccoli and chicken with extra spicy sauces and ice cream

Special For You:  ARMD-337 [CENSORED]

to make it liquid. 💩

She started to fart and farts became sharts very quickly. Then, she made him open his mouth and

went hard on him throwing liquid poop in the form of nasty and putrid sharts inside of his mouth.

The slave’s struggling and gagging as Katherine gets really turned on 😜

He will never forget this session and the torture she put him through, very hot! 😇

KatherineFarts – Accidental shit eating

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